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Whether you're looking to cosmetically change your vehicle, or you're trying to gain a more functional body style for your vehicle, the skilled technicians at Camacho Tires can take care of all your lowering or lifting services. All adjustments are done in a safe manner to ensure that your car operates properly.

Safely Lowering or Lifting Your Vehicle

You can always receive a FREE estimate on your lowering or lifting service when you visit us!

When we lower your vehicle, we use special McGaughys and Beltech brand lowering kits to make sure that your vehicle is lowered to the appropriate level.

Special lowering kits available

If you're interested in having your vehicle's suspension altered while we're lowering or lifting it, our professionals can handle that also. For more information on having your vehicle lowered, make an appointment with our technicians today.

Custom suspension work

Call us today to receive competitive pricing on your lowering or lifting service.